We are a full-service dental clinic that offers both general and specialized services. We offer preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry for patients of all ages. We are dedicated to excellence, and aim to provide the best dental services in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

Our office's unique, comfortable, and warm environment is designed to support you and your family's dental needs. Located in the beautiful Medicus Building, there is easy access to our second floor office by elevator or stairs. Excellent parking and the front doors are located on the south side of the building. Our office address is: 805 S. Broadway St., Suite 205; Boulder, CO (just south of the Table Mesa Shopping Center on the SW corner of S. Broadway St and Hanover Ave).

We are passionate about maintaining low cost dental care while providing the highest quality services for improving your smile. With education and preventative care being at the forefront of our mission, we strive to provide services that achieve optimal dental health. 

Please call today for your introductory dental exam so we can provide you with the care you deserve. We look forward to improving you and your family’s health, one smile at a time.